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We're what you've been looking for

Stock your shelves with a coffee that:

✔️ Supports mental and physical well-being

✔️ Helps memory and cognitive performance

✔️ A smoother, longer, tastier energy boost

Do more, be more

Life's too short for you to waste time or to settle. That's why we've created not just any coffee, but THE coffee for you to make an impact.

We've used a unique combination of ingredients that will:

Give you prolonged, focused energy without the crashes or jitters

🧠 Support your mental focus, cognition and memory

🧘 Contribute to your mental well-being, relaxation and emotional balance

Simply select add our 30-can bundle to your cart and use B2B30 at checkout for all the amazing benefits!

We use only the best

We set out to create the perfect drink that stood for our philosophy: to give you long-lasting, focusied energy that supports your wellbeing.

After testing over 15 nootropics and 30 different recipes, we found the perfect nootropic stack:

- Ashwagandha - a herb used in Ayurvedic medicine known to support physical well-being, and symptoms of stress and anxiety

- Ginkgo Biloba - a herb known to support cognitive performance and memory

- Vitamin B12 - boosts energy, metabolism and supports the formation of red blood cells

People love Impact

Give your customers something you know they'll love

Award-winning for a reason

Along with over 2 years of research, development, testing and tasting, we've been recognised in multiple competitions, won in LSE's entrepreneurial hub, and raised over £26,000 to fund our first full production run. Now, we're here to give you what you've been looking for all along: sustained, focused, functional energy