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We're more than a coffee

The vast majority of energy drinks are notoriously unhealthy for you, and the hot cup of coffee you normally drink comes with many downsides: crashes, shakes, and stomachaches. Ultimately, they simply can’t help you achieve your goals.

But we can.

Introducing Impact Coffee - the UK's first functional cold brew coffee. We're a cold brew coffee drink infused with nootropic ingredients to support your physical and mental well-being. We're a coffee that's better, helping you get more done.

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  • We're better than regular coffee because...

    We provide a smoother, tastier caffeine hit without crashes and jitters through our cold brew. Say goodbye to bitter, acidic, burnt-tasting coffee, and say hello to smooth, nougatty notes of coffee deliciousness.

  • We’re better than energy drinks as well because...

    We not only focus on short bursts of being hyper but use nootropics and adaptogens to provide more holistic, functional endurance that supports stress, emotional balance and cognitive performance.

Hi, I'm Yusuf

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to become the best version of myself.

That has meant I've needed to push myself, whether it was when I studied at the London School of Economics, or at my job in finance.

To do that, I need energy to keep going during the day. But whatever I tried, whether it was energy drinks or a hot cup of coffee, I’d always feel unwell or exhausted soon after.

I wanted something that would give me energy for prolonged periods of time without feeling bad afterwards, and after a year of testing and experimenting, the concept of Impact Coffee was born.

15 nootropics, 4 coffee blends, 31 recipes

That's how many different tests we've done to bring Impact Coffee to life. Starting in November 2020, we wanted to create the perfect partner to your productivity, and for that, we needed to make sure we tried everything we could.

We heard what people were asking for - a coffee that didn't make you feel awful, but instead actually supported anxiety, focus, and energy.

And when we shared our early samples with our friends, we knew we were onto something. From hearing that we tasted better than everyone else, to the 'finally, a coffee that actually works', we kept on going to bring you the drink you need.

Our Philosophy

We stand for 3 main principles. They're what we used to develop Impact Coffee

Health, everything starts with your mental and physical well-being, and so we’ve chosen the brewing techniques and nootropics to help support that.

Energy, you're sick and tired of the 20-minute bursts of energy followed by hours-long slumps.

Focus, because you don’t just want to feel hyper. You want your energy to go towards something meaningful, have a purpose. Energy is only good if it’s focused.

We use only the best

We set out to create the perfect drink that stood for our philosophy: to give you long-lasting, focusied energy that supports your wellbeing.

After testing over 15 nootropics and 30 different recipes, we found the perfect nootropic stack:

- Ashwagandha - a herb used in Ayurvedic medicine known to support physical wellbeing, and symptoms of stress and anxiety

- Ginkgo Biloba - a herb known to support cognitive performance and memory

- Vitamin B12 - boosts energy and supports the formation of red blood cells

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Our Story So Far

November 2020: The idea for Impact Cofee was born

June 2021: Our first trial manufacturing runs, testing our 24th, 25th, and 26th recipe iterations

October 2021: One of eight finalists of TikTok's first business funding competition (#BeYourOwnBoss)

January 2022: Our third and final trial manufacturing run after perfecting our recipe following 31 iterations

April 2022: Winner of LSE Generate's Business Funding Competition

June/July 2022: Raised over £26,000 on Crowdfunder for our first manufacturing run of 10,000 cans

August 2022: Finalist of The Pitch UK's side hustle competition

November 2022: Official launch of Impact Coffee