Everything You Need To Know About Your Impact Coffee

Jun 02, 2023Haris Ertsos

Congrats! You’ve just purchased your Impact Coffee and are on the way to smashing your goals and getting 💩 done.

While we quickly deliver your order, learn more about this delicious drink and how to maximise its effects.

3 Reasons Why You Made The Right Choice In Choosing Impact Coffee

1. It Gives You Zero Jitters

The days of feeling anxious, stressed and jittery from your coffee are over!

After experimenting with 31 recipes, we found the perfect recipe to give you clean energy that gives you focus all day long.

So what exactly causes you to get jitters from regular coffee?

It can all be pinned down to the caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the release of adrenaline, a hormone that prepares the body for a "fight or flight" response. This can result in heightened arousal, increased heart rate, and muscle tension, leading to a jittery feeling.

But Impact Coffee is different.

Thanks to ingredients such as ashwagandha which regulate the body’s cortisol levels, you don’t feel the restlessness or pounding heart that accompanies many other coffees.

To put it simply, you get all of the energy without all of the side effects!

impact coffee

2. It’s Powered With Adaptogens

Impact Coffee is infused with ashwagandha, gingko biloba and vitamin B12, which all help you complete your task list. Here’s how:

  1. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb known for its ability to combat stress and enhance overall well-being. It helps regulate the body's stress response by reducing cortisol levels, which can drain energy. By incorporating ashwagandha into your coffee, you can experience less fatigue and increased energy levels throughout the day.
  2. Gingko Biloba is a herbal supplement derived from the leaves of the gingko tree. It is believed to improve blood circulation and enhance cognitive function. By improving blood flow, gingko biloba can help deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to your brain and body, supporting overall energy levels and mental alertness.
  3. Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in energy production within the body. It aids in converting food into energy and supports the formation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen to various tissues and organs. Adding vitamin B12 to your coffee can help combat brain fog and keep you focused.

When combined in coffee, these ingredients boost energy naturally and support mental clarity throughout the day.

Essentially, Impact Coffee brings out the most productive, efficient and focused version of yourself.


3. It’s Not Only Delicious But Also Good For You!

The fantastic taste of your cold brew coffee is thanks to its arabica beans.

These make Impact Coffee far less acidic than regular coffee, so say goodbye to your old bitter-tasting coffee because you’ve got a delicious drink on the way.

Plus, your drink is dairy free, vegan, free of sugar and low in calories! So you get all the deliciousness without needing to feel bad about it.

impact coffee

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Impact Coffee

You will have received a complimentary guide with your order titled, The Top 7 Productivity Secrets: How To Get More Done In Less Time.

This guide is filled with golden nuggets of information that will help you fly through tasks, eliminate procrastination and smash your goals.

It’s important that you apply these because at the end of the day, you can take all of the energy drinks you like, but if you’ve got self-destructing habits, then you’ll only get so far.

So apply all of the guidance to your daily life because pairing these healthy habits with an Impact Coffee will truly make you a task assassin.

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Got Questions?

What are the benefits of the nootropics included in Impact Coffee?

Our nootropics support your mental focus, cognition and memory, while also contributing to your mental wellbeing, relaxation and emotional balance.

Is Impact Coffee suitable for people with dietary restrictions or allergies?

Impact Coffee is not suitable for people with gluten allergies, as well as those sensitive to caffeine.

How much caffeine is in a serving of Impact Coffee?

Impact Coffee holds approximately 102.5mg of caffeine per 250ml can.

Can I drink Impact Coffee daily, or are there any recommended consumption limits?

We recommend you drink a maximum of 2 cans per day. We would also recommend you take a break from Impact Coffee for about 2 weeks if used regularly for 6 months.

How should I store Impact Coffee and what is its shelf life?

You can store Impact Coffee at room temperature, however it is best served chilled. Shelf life is approximately 12 months.

Are the nootropics in Impact Coffee safe for long-term use?

In general, yes. However, we recommend taking a break for about 2 weeks after 6 months of continuous use.

Can I give Impact Coffee to my children or teenagers?

We would not recommend Impact Coffee for children under the age of 16.

How does the taste of Impact Coffee compare to other cold brew coffees on the market?

Where do we begin? First off, we’re the first nootropic cold brew in the UK. That means we’re the only cold brew supporting your mental and physical wellbeing while giving you the focus you need to get more done. On top of that, it’s vegan, there’s no added sugar and it tastes way, way better (if we say so ourselves).

Does Impact Coffee offer a satisfaction guarantee or refund policy for unsatisfied customers?

We hope that all our customers enjoy Impact Coffee, however, if you are unsatisfied, we provide a 100% refund policy for genuine reasons. We do not accept returns.

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It’s Time To Make An Impact

Now you know everything there is to know about your Impact Coffee, you’re all set for your order to arrive and to get 💩 done.

We can’t wait to hear about your experience with this drink. We’re a small business so we would greatly appreciate it if you left us a review (unless it’s negative - just kidding!)


Impact Coffee

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