Impact Coffee - Cold Brew Can

No more jitters or crashes - switch to a delicious cold brew coffee to get things done and feel great about it.

  • 🧠 Sharpen your focus
  • ⚡ Get in the zone
  • ✅ Be more productive
  • 🎯 Smash your goals
  • ⏰ Works in 20 minutes
  • 🙌 91 calories per can

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Most Caffeinated Drinks Make You Feel Like 💩

If you don't stop drinking these, then you will...

  • Feel anxious, stressed and jittery
  • Struggle to focus and concentrate
  • Fall into a cycle of procrastination
  • Experience decreased work quality

Feel Great With Every Sip Of Impact Coffee 💪

Say goodbye to jitters so you can:

  • Achieve your goals in less time
  • Unleash your full potential
  • Be in the zone every day
  • Fall in love with coffee again

How Does It Work?

After testing over 15 nootropics and 30 different recipes, we found the perfect recipe to make an impact.

Vitamin B12

Boosts energy and prevents fatigue

Gingko biloba

Enhances focus and memory


Relieves stress and anxiety

Cold Brew Coffee

Creates the smoothest drink

How Is Impact Coffee Different?

Why Are People Obsessed With Impact Coffee?

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Excellent coffee alternative

I have been a regular coffee drinker for a long time now, but I recently discovered Impact as a much cleaner and healthier alternative. Not only is it delicious, but it also allows me to feel energised throughout the day. Highly recommend!

Unsia Hussain
Love it!

As a regular coffee drinker, I’ve experienced all the ‘bad’ that’s usually linked to coffee - jitters, post-caffeine crash, and so on. Impact Coffee tastes great and allows me to focus without experiencing any side effects (and it has oat milk, which is my favorite). Highly recommended!

Top tier iced coffee!

I've been looking for iced coffee that tastes good, is healthy for you and gives you that caffeine boost you need and Impact Coffee ticks all those boxes! I usually drink maybe half of the iced coffee that I usually order as I can stand the taste but with Impact I hadn't realised I had finished the can so quickly. Great tasting product, will order again :)

Got Questions?

Here is what people usually ask

Impact Coffee tastes smooth and delicious, with rich Arabica beans perfectly balanced by creamy oat milk.

Impact Coffee actively sharpens focus and productivity, blending caffeine with natural ingredients that clear brain fog and reduce stress.

Swap your usual coffee or energy drink with Impact Coffee for a delicious, energy-boosting beverage.

No, Impact Coffee gives you steady energy without crashes or dips, unlike regular coffee.

Impact Coffee blends premium cold brew, creamy oat milk, and potent nootropics for a drink that enhances focus, reduces stress, and tastes amazing.

If you are not satisfied with your first purchase, get your money back and keep your products.